Deals and Wheels create custom made bikes as Custom Ride or DAW Products Conversion kits in a unique Plug 'n' Ride quality.

Custom Ride is an individual built bike for the individual customer. Changes in style and technique make the bike your own unforgettable baby. These modifications on the bike are made specifically for you and your bike is your Custom Ride, whoever goes with it.

Plug 'n' Ride is hot and the worlds first custom kit like this. Hard to believe that there are so spectacular and individual looks, but you’re able to build back to the original condition at any time. You order our conversion kit and just mount it in your garage onto your motorcycle. Everything fits and you can ride off. No drilling, no cutting. Maybe you want to sell the bike later in an original condition? No problem, the Plug 'n' Ride kit leaves a lot of emotions but no unwanted marks.



Our kits

DAW Z 953 / 748

This kit converts the look of a Kawasaki Z1000 and Z750 into a Z900 or Z750 from the seventies.

Most important: This Z953 / Z748 kits are Plug'n'Ride without the need for changing the frame. All original parts are preserved, all necessary (technical and electrical) adapters are provided. Almost as important: The kits can be customized and extended individually.

There is a base kit, with which you have a beginner version to remodel a standard Z1000 / Z750. If you want to make more, you can customize your individual Z953 / Z748 with extras from our accessories list or parts from the aftermarket. If Classic with spoked wheels or a Superbike race replica, there are nearly no limits for the style.

Which parts include the base kit?

The base kit includes:

  • Steel-Tank (fits for the original fuel pump)
  • Seat
  • Sidecovers
  • Tail cowl
  • Tail cover
  • Rear light
  • all necessary attachments, adapters and spare parts

The base kit comes in high quality ready for painting job, covered seat.
On customer request paintwork at extra cost.

Which bikes kann be customized?

  • The Z 953 kit is for Kawasaki Z 1000, 2003 – 2006 model.
  • The Z 748 kit is for Kawasaki Z 750, 2004 – 2006 model.


Tank is Steel, all other parts in the base kit are premium prepreg carbon.

Assembly duration

A professional mechanic requires less than 6 hours. An experienced do-it-yourselfer converts his bike relaxed on a weekend in his garage.

Delivery time?

Due to the high number of pre-orders the current lead time between order and delivery is approximately 14 to 18 weeks.
This lead time is updated continuously


The ready-to-mount base kit costs 3.195,— Euro. *

* valid from 1st of March!



The kit can be extensively customized to the wishes of the customer and extended with numerous premium extras.

Excerpt from the list of extras (more extras to come):

  • Side panel Emblem Z953 (3D relief logo) - EUR 49,95 per piece
  • Air filter box side panel - EUR 89,95 per set
  • DOHC engine covers in 3D Aluminium CNC - EUR 89,95 per piece
  • Premium prepreg carbon fender complete (ready for paint job) - EUR 279,95
  • Speedo and revcounter classic Kit * - EUR 229,95 EUR

* This is a special designed bracket for the original Instrument for a more integrated position and the "classic round look".

  • Headlight classic clear glass H4 ** - EUR 129,95
  • Headlight classic with internal DE Projector ** - EUR 229,95
  • Headlight classic clear glass LED technology ** - EUR 399,95

** All Headlights with aluminum holder and mounting from below

  • Decal Kit - 3 colors - Z953 for fuel tank and tail - from EUR 199.95

All parts are handcrafted in Germany and are 100% plug ‘n’ ride. No drilling, no sawing, no changes on original parts, all parts with necessary holders and electrical adapter harness.

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The 1967 born company founder Oliver Heiermann was just 2 years old, when he was strapped for the first time on the tank of a CB750 and taken on tour. Infected early with the bike virus, he began as a child with motorbike customizing. All that plastic models of choppers he was given for birthdays, didn’t get him down from his passion for sports motorcycles. So endurance panels and race wheels were built from plastic cups and metal cans and models of soft chopper like the Kawasaki LTD 900 were created with so much ambition, that they turn to Hondas RCB endurance racer.

Customizing in the kids room.

A few years later, Oliver was meanwhile 16 years old, he built real motorcycles. So in 1983, for example, his award-winning racing version of Honda MB8, presented at a couple of tuning shows.

After a few wild years Heiermann studied Industrial Design and ride in the Super Sport 600 championships.

In 1996 he founded DEALS AND WHEELS.

Picture: Deals and Wheels KLX Modified KLX

From the waste basement of an industrial complex he cracked down the walls to create something new, a handsome official shop and garage for Kawasaki and Aprilia bikes named DEALS AND WHEELS. This location, made known by him, still exists today as a Kawasaki dealer address.

Picture: Deals and Wheels KLX Modified KLX

There is a long list of bikes which were built here from 1996-2002. Many got attention from magazines and their test riders [Media: Motorrad, PS Das Sportmotorradmagazin, Motorrad Reisen und Sport, Motorradfahrer, Motorrad News, Syburger]. Most bikes were trendsetters and got the honor to be copied by other tuners.

In January 1997 DEALS AND WHEELS ordered one of the first ZRX1100, specially flown in from Kawasaki Japan, and were able to present this ZRX1100, in the exclusive custom made DAW-Products "ZRX-Eddie Lawson Design", months before Kawasaki celebrated the European premiere of the standard model.

As a result, individual custom works of exhibition show Bikes for the German branches of NGK, Koni Suspension and Micron were as well build as ready to install conversion kits for Big Bikes as well as small series of Minibikes as Supermotos for the kids.

Picture: Deals and Wheels Z1000 Under Engine Exhaust Z1000 Under Engine Exhaust

2002 Oliver himself leaved the motorcycle industry for a few years and founded, but designed some motorbike specials from time to time which got also much attention by the press. One of the most spectacular, the Z1000 Under Engine Exhaust, was presented in Motorrad 23/2005 and 11/2005 PS Das Sportmotorradmagazin.

Now it's 2014 and DEALS AND WHEELS / DAW Products are back! Let us continue the story ....


Z953 Project

September 2014 - We are proud to present our Z953 prototype. The very disciplined work over the past weeks has speed up the project. Soon we can offer a kit, that transforms your Kawasaki Z1000 (Z750) into a Kawasaki Z900 style in less than 6 hours.
And all Plug'n'Ride, no drilling, no sawing ..

But there is no time to celebrate yet, the next step, build forms for the KIT production, needs precision and a lot of love for detail.

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Z953 Project

Long time goes by and we were really sad , that the daily work didn't let us progress on that beautiful Plug ‘n’ Ride bike project, to build a Z953 from a Z1000. But as hard it was to wait before we could go on, as big we are proud about our work the last few days. So we can see the finishline not that far away...

Ristretto 140

Our project was to build an awesome mini cafe racer out from a mini moto cross bike. The look should be realy authentic, but the budget was small like the bike. Instead of buying any parts, we modify existing parts, customized stored parts of other bikes and highlights like the seat were fully customized by us. Only the gas tank (found in Japan) was bought new.

Hope you like our "Ristretto 140".


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